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Skillit CEO & founder Fraser Patterson

Fraser Patterson
Founder & CEO

Series Seed in 2022

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About Skillit

Skillit is the new way skilled trades get hired.

Skillit Trade Recruiter empowers the people building our physical world to reach their fullest potential as workers and employers. This powerful recruiting platform provides construction companies access to a growing network of qualified workers and a suite of worker-first hiring tools that use rich datasets and powerful algorithms to generate increasingly better recruiting, employment, and business outcomes.

Skillit is proud to be trusted by top ENR contractors and thousands of top skilled workers who believe in the company’s vision to invent the most innovative labor solution of the 21st century.

Building Ventures understands the construction space like no other investor I’ve ever encountered. Their operational experience and network has proved invaluable to Skillit, and the team is world-class, providing highly effective target customer intros and showing up for me as a founder and delivering whenever support is needed. That’s why I recommend Jesse and his team to every contech founder I know!

-Fraser Patterson