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Our new-and-improved digital footprint highlights our growing portfolio of built environment startups, the contributions of our network and insights into our approach as a firm, in a more dynamic way.

Building Ventures website
Design by Kate Lindsay

Welcome to the! We hope you like what we’ve done with the place. Yes, we redesigned the site for the same reasons everyone does it. To improve your experience. To better reflect our evolving brand aesthetic. To replatform and build on a more robust CMS.

But there were a handful of BV-specific reasons for the facelift and infrastructural overhaul, too. Here are the three we’re most excited about.

Site developed by Temper and Forge
Building Ventures company page screenshot
Site developed by Temper and Forge

Showcase our growing portfolio of Built Environment startups 

We invest in the entrepreneurs revolutionizing how the built world is designed, constructed, operated and experienced. This new site facilitates intuitive accessibility to our portfolio, both categorically and individually. To get started, take a deep dive into two of the most recent companies to come aboard:  enVerid, a Boston-based innovator of HVAC load reduction tech, and Join, the leading provider of converged networks as a service based in SF.

To check out the portfolio at a glance, visit the Companies page, where you can sort by Active, Exits or Lifecycle Phase

Videography by Story First

Spotlight the Building Ventures Innovators Network (BVIN), the leaders shaping and accelerating growth in our industry 

Our portfolio companies gain access to a proprietary network of leading industry experts committed to championing new ideas for a better built world. These individuals provide everything from connections to advice to funding; in most cases, their organizations become early adopters. In return, we offer BVIN members a forum, a means by which to network, brainstorm and collaborate with a cross-industry peer group. The Network page has video highlights from our past two BVIN Fall Summits for a glimpse into the incredible discussions.

Building Ventures team in meeting
Photography by David Shopper

Provide greater visibility to our investment thesis and operating principles.

We’re a modest bunch (for VCs, anyway). We endeavor to shine a spotlight on our portfolio—and the network we’ve built in an effort to ensure their success—rather than on ourselves. That being said, we realize that there’s value in sharing our methods. To that end, the new site makes it easier for us to share our thinking and processes, two things that should be table stakes for any entrepreneurs wondering if we might be the right partner for their team. Head over to our Approach page to learn more about what we look for and how we operate.

Additionally, we’ll be writing and sharing content that delves deeper into our investment thesis. We’ll be posting that here on this brand new Activity page, where we will also highlight our latest investments, provide BV updates and invite you to subscribe to our seasonal newsletter. Start by reading our first thesis post on the trend of Constructuring.

Finally, we’d like to recognize and thank our amazing team of creative partners who helped us make the new site a visual and technical success: David Shopper Photography, Kate Lindsay Design, Story First and Temper And Forge.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. And as always, if you come across remarkable people starting or growing a technology company in the Built Environment, please encourage them to Connect with us.