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Ian Keough

Ian Keough
Co-Founder & CEO

Series Seed in 2019
Series Seed 2 in 2020

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About Hypar

The Hypar cloud platform democratizes generative design for the AEC community. With Hypar’s simple web interface anyone can contribute by creating applications to generate, visualize, and evaluate building designs and share their expertise. Powered by scalable computation, Hypar enables building professionals to make better decisions faster.

When we started Hypar there was only one outside investor that we wanted to work with early on: Building Ventures. We knew that the expertise of the Building Ventures team would be incredibly valuable, and that we could leverage their deep network to have the right conversations as we define our product-market fit. Not a day goes by where my inbox doesn’t have a lead or opportunity provided by a member of the Building Ventures team, and we rely on their decades of experience in AEC to help temper our vision for Hypar. These guys are out there every day working hard to ensure our success.

-Ian Keough