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Hypar Co-Founder and CEO Ian Keough has long opined that even after 500 years of building design and 70 years of software innovation every project still starts with a blank page. With all this “progress,” why is design software still limited to point solutions and expertise confined by project?

We made our founding investment in Ian and his Co-Founder and COO Anthony Hauck in April 2019. Their vision then and now was both simple and audacious: to disrupt and transform the Built Environment’s currently unscalable design consulting business model in a manner not dissimilar to how forces like AWS, Github and open source developers accelerated the SaaS-enabled disruption of traditional industries like entertainment, mobility, finance and hospitality.

Since we helped catalyse that initial $1m seed round to launch the company, Ian and Anthony have built an all star team consisting of talented engineers from Autodesk, Google and WeWork, and Hypar is well on its way to building the industry’s first computational design platform leveraging the power of cloud computing, open source and modern software architecture to help deliver the world’s building expertise.  Along the way they’ve attracted a community of thousands of users representing organizations from all over the world, all leveraging and contributing to an exhaustive library of composable and interoperable building elements and workflows, all readily accessible through a simple web interface and direct integrations with Revit, Excel, Dynamo, and Grasshopper.

Considering Hypar’s growing client base and pipeline of commercial opportunities from across sectors including Construction and Engineering, as well as Building Products, Space Planning and Commercial Real Estate, along with leading Architectural design firms beginning to consider new business opportunities to monetize their expertise through the Hypar platform, the next chapter in this team’s journey looks very promising.

For all these reasons we were thrilled to lead Hypar’s $1.48M Series Seed 2 with participation from Keough Ventures and Spatial Syndicate. We know this is just the beginning, and can’t wait to see what Hypar accomplishes next as they continue to grow the team and advance the platform. The mission is well underway to deliver the world’s design expertise to realize better buildings.