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Like the infinitely renewable heating and cooling resource Dandelion harnesses for their customers, so too is our enthusiasm infinite for the mission, the team and the execution we have witnessed over the past three years since we began our journey with Kathy Hannun and James Quazi.

Dandelion’s simple vision “Earth-powered heating for every home” is deeply aligned with our mission to support companies that are transforming the way we operate and experience the built environment. In the span of three short years the company has launched from its birth place at Alphabet X to providing a one-stop geothermal heating and cooling solution to hundreds of incredibly satisfied customers. Kathy and James have recruited a world-class team from places like OPower, SolarCity and Tesla to assist them in rapidly scaling to meet the tremendous opportunity we have to upgrade our homes and “never buy heating oil, propane, or natural gas again.

It is for this reason that we enthusiastically participated in the companies most recent $12 million Series A1 led by Comcast Ventures (along with GV, NEA, Lennar, and Collaborative Fund). While we are an early-stage fund, it is a core part of our investment thesis to be full lifecycle investors and have built our reserve philosophy around the expectation of participating in the future rounds of portfolio companies as our conviction increases. We deeply believe in supporting the entrepreneurs we back through every step of their journey and think this is the best way to practice the craft of venture capital investing on behalf of our Limited Partners. When we are really lucky this strategy can provide opportunities to increase our ownership in the best-performing companies as was the case with Dandelion.

We are excited to continue collaborating with the whole Dandelion team on our mutual journey to a better build world!