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With the current record housing shortages leading to an unprecedented residential market, there is more need than ever to be building more homes and to be building them more efficiently. Mosaic is on a mission to make this happen by leveraging technology. Mosaic’s software underpins project execution in a way that streamlines process flows, boosts repeatability, and enables tailored designs—in other words, letting general contractors manage construction more efficiently so that they can build more homes.

The result is that Mosaic’s process can reduce the number of “how” options for the construction process. This saves time and streamlines communication without sacrificing quality—how many ways does there truly need to be to fasten two elements? Instead, homebuyers can access far more optionality for the “what” from builders using Mosaic to structure and streamline the process. A traditional new neighborhood development might offer limited options for floorplans, but Mosaic recognizes that just as families come in many forms, greatly expanding these options is important for creating “homes instead of housing,” and each’s own home should reflect its preferences without higher costs from the complexity of “custom building.”

Since our initial investment in Mosaic in 2020, Mosaic has made significant progress working toward their mission of enabling better, more efficient building processes for new neighborhoods and new houses. By working closely with Mandalay homes among other leading partners, Mosaic has built and delivered more than 315 homes to date while increasing throughput by 30% over conventional methods.

Mosaic’s software’s value will prove vital for reimagining the homebuilding experience, particularly as their pace hastens alongside the vibrant market, especially in Arizona. Mosaic’s exceptional team has quadrupled now from 30 to 130. They need to expand further in order to seize this moment and keep delivering software-defined construction in order to build homes. This round of funding will be critical to helping them do so. We’re proud to partner with Salman and the team, investing alongside an incredible syndicate in the $44 million Series B led by Andreesen Horowitz.