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We are pleased to announce Building Ventures’ investment in 75F. Based in Burnsville, MN, 75F is an intelligent building automation company which helps make commercial buildings more energy efficient and occupants more comfortable.

Our buildings cause a massive 39% of global carbon emissions, and traditional, inefficient HVAC systems are a leading contributor. Not only do the vast majority of HVAC systems cause harm to our environment, they are also a high cost for building owner/operators. However, there is an even greater cost to businesses that cannot optimize their indoor environments. HVAC costs are high, but people are the most expensive cost of doing business. The 3-30-300 rule illustrates the average order of magnitude between a company’s costs for utilities, rent and payroll (per square foot, per year). Keeping valuable human resources comfortable, healthy and producing at their highest levels is essential. While some newer, smarter buildings are beginning to address temperature in their designs, along with other occupant experience factors, the mid-market lags far behind. It comprises ~96% of US buildings alone. Globabally, the market is massive and still growing. An easy-to-implement intelligent building automation systems (BAS) with quickly demonstrable results is required to get this market to adopt. That’s why 75F exists.

Founder & CEO Deepinder Singh and his team at 75F have built an out-of-the-box product which allows property operators to take control of commercial building indoor environments, proactively eliminating hot and cold spots before they occur. The company’s goal is to make commercial building controls as ubiquitous and easy to install as setting up an iPhone.

75F utilizes IoT and the latest in Cloud Computing creating systems that predict, monitor and manage the needs of buildings. Products are designed to enable operators to reduce energy consumption, drive cost savings and gain visibility while improving occupant comfort and indoor air quality.

We were first introduced to 75F by Clean Energy Trust and shortly thereafter connected with Deepinder through our other friends at Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Deepinder’s vision for the company deeply aligned with our mission on two vectors: how we autonomously operate our buildings and how we create a better, more sustainable experience within and beyond the walls of those buildings. We are impressed by the progress the team has already made both in the US and APAC, and we are excited to partner with them on this shared vision for a better built world.

You can read more about 75F and the financing here.