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One of the best parts of compiling these quarterly newsletters is the opportunity to step away from the day to day action and reflect on the incredible and steady progress we are witnessing on so many fronts across the landscape of built environment innovation. What was once viewed as an opportunity for digital transformation has now become an innovation imperative for players all across the spectrum of AEC and real estate, and it is thrilling to play our part.

But when we step back today, we are heartbroken by the senseless violence and destruction we are witnessing being thrust upon the people of Ukraine. The world we live in—physically, emotionally and economically—is one of deeply intertwined dependencies, and Ukraine has once again demonstrated for us all how fragile these systems are when bad actors use these interdependencies as tools for criminal abuse rather than mutual support and advancement.

A fundamental principle of building a “better built world” is that we need to be creating self-sustaining, self-improving systems for living for all people in all places. The fragility of the current system shows the need for a resilient, sustainable zero carbon built environment is now more of an imperative than ever. While we are fully confident we are on the path to ultimately achieve this, we must do so now with greater urgency for the short term safety and security it can provide to people all over the world.

Progress often feels slow, and in times like these can feel futile, and yet we must not let our urgency to deliver a better future wane. Along with our portfolio companies, our investors, and our Innovators Network, we will keep driving innovation in the short run to deliver the long term impact a better built world can and will deliver for all people. Humanity deserves nothing less.

Portfolio News & Activity

Dandelion, enVerid, & 75F featured climate micro-documentaries 🎥

Pique Action, a climate solutions media company, recently released docs with Dandelion’s Kathy Hanuun, enVerid’s Christian Weeks, and 75F’s Deepinder Singh. Watch all of the videos here.

In the Press

🏘 Mosaic launched a pre-development services offering, a comprehensive range of supporting services for build-to-rent homebuilders and developers looking to save time and resources on the pre-development phase.

CNA Insider featured Built Robotics in its video documenting AI in the workplace. You take a look here. 🤖

🏆 75F earned a spot on the Cleantech 100 list for the second year in a row.

Measurabl announced an exciting new partnership with Nasdaq. CEO Matt Ellis shares more on the partnership and its impact on sustainability here. ✍️

Aeroseal welcomed Paul Angersbach to the team as the new VP / General Manager of Commercial Business. ♻️

Last month, Envoy launched its first care share in Hawaii. 🚗

Nexus PMG named Dandelion one of the top 13 cleantech companies to watch in 2022. 🌱

🦺 Newmetrix will be an exhibition partner at the Advancing Construction Analytics conference in Denver next month.

Engineered Systems magazine profiled enVerid CEO Christian Weeks. You can read the conversation, which covers enVerid’s clean first approach, here. ♻️

Blokable took home the Bronze Award for CleanTech Design in the 15th annual Spark Design Awards. 🏆

Musings & More

🎧 launched disJointed, a podcast focused on building confidence in construction by talking through some of the biggest decision-making challenges in the industry. You can listen and subscribe here.

Canoa CEO Fed Negro joined the Practice of Architecture podcast to talk about the future of the workplace and more. 🛶

🏢 Hypar CEO Ian Keough joined Cherise Lakeside, Donna Sink, Cormac Phalen, Atif Z. Qadir, and Brian Ringley on a panel to share advice for early-career AEC professionals.

Our portfolio companies are hiring! Check out job openings in sales, marketing, and more here. 👀

BV Team Updates

Later this month, Heather Widman will be moderating a panel with Building Ventures LPs Megan Lantz of HITT, David Burns of McCarthy, and John Jacobs of JE Dunn at CREtech San Diego. The conversation will focus on innovation in our industry, the challenges of adopting new tech, and the benefits of contech that extend to owners and occupiers. If. you’re attending, be sure to stop by and join us.

If you haven’t gotten your ticket, CREtech is offering 20% off registration for our Building Ventures community. Use BV20SD and register here to take advantage of this discount.

Heather Widman CREtech panel

Travis joined Michael Beckerman on CREtech’s Climate Cast podcast to discuss investing in a better built world. You can listen here.

Earlier this year, Jesse was featured as a guest speaker for the Greentown Labs Healthy Building Challenge with Saint-Gobain and MassCEC.

Recently, Heather spoke to members and alumni from the Real Innovation Academy, an organization run by Antony Slumbers and Dror Poleg, two of the world’s leading experts on the future of real estate, highlighting the innovation in our field and sharing our mission #ForABetterBuiltWorld.

Allen is at BuiltWorlds Venture West today. He’s speaking on a panel for founders discussing life after exit alongside Sunil Dorairajan from Autodesk,
Riggs Kubiak from Procore, and Justin Levine from Shepherd. Scott Ellison is moderating.

Next week, Gregg will join MassRobotics’ panel exploring design and construction of the future. You can find out more information and register for the event here.

Building Ventures invests in companies that are reshaping the way we design, build, operate and experience our built environment. Do you know a founder we simply have to meet? Send them here!

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