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Welcome to a New Year in the Built Environment. While it has only been a few weeks, January has been a busy and exciting time for Borealis Ventures and we are happy to be able to share some of the developments in the portfolio and beyond. In this edition, Jesse sat down with BUILTR to share some thoughts on why now is such an urgent time for a Better Built Environment.  In addition, we have interesting news from our portfolio companies, along with some insights into a few of the up and coming teams we are helping to mentor through DesignX and UrbanX. We are really excited about the prospects for this year and look forward to sharing more with you all as it unfolds. As always, if you come across a remarkable company or individuals in our domain, please let us know.

The Built Environment Innovation Team

Jesse Devitte | Travis Connors | Matt Rightmire | Allen Preger | Chris Randles | Tom Wyman

Feature Highlights:

Building Ventures built environment lifecycle image

An interview with Borealis Ventures’ Jesse Devitte on the Digital Transformation underway in the Built Environment Read the article on BUILTR

BuiltWorlds special report

Borealis was recognized as one of the top funds in the Built World space. Read the article

Portfolio News:

brick building

Village of Rhinebeck OKs geothermal energy plan [Daily Freeman News]

Teams We Are Mentoring:

two people eating dinner

Getting a Roommate in your Golden Years [New York Times]

Books We Are Reading

Building Equitable Cities book cover


How can cities promote economic mobility, advance equity, and drive growth? Through an analysis of best practices, proven policies, and case study examples, you will get practical insights into how your community can expand opportunity for more citizens and boost economic expansion. The book provides real world examples of both place-based and people-based strategies that are being used successfully to provide more equitable outcomes.

The Third Industrial Revolution


Here, Jeremy Rifkin explores how Internet technology and renewable energy are merging to create a powerful “Third Industrial Revolution.” He asks us to imagine hundreds of millions of people producing their own green energy in their homes, offices, and factories, and sharing it with each other in an “energy internet,” just like we now create and share information online.

Events we are attending

Noteworthy News: